Labels for most retail scales

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The links below list TOR-REY labels by TOR-REY scale & printer models and by size. This list of printers may not include all models that can use the label. Scale labels are available as "Stock", "Standard" or "Custom." Each have different minimum order quantities and price structure. Price on web site does not include freight to get the label to you.

IMPORTANT: if your scale and printer is not set up (formatted) to run a particular label, it may take a service technician to enable the label to run on your scale and printer.

Use our shopping cart to place orders for stock labels. For custom label orders please review the custom label section below for details on what you will need to have in order for us to print your labels. We can not quote custom labels on the phone.

Find the label you need on the list below and go to the detail page. You may then enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the entry box to the left of the "Add To Cart" button. The price in your shopping cart will automatically be adjusted to the correct quantity price level. The approximate freight charge will be figured on the cart using UPS services. If you need a case or two of your order expedited by air just let us know how many cases and which UPS service you want by air in the remarks section of the order form. The correct freight will be calculated by us before your credit card is processed. Click here for more instructions on using our on-line scale label catalog.

Please note: Label size and colors may not be 100% accurate due to varying computer monitor settings. Some images may be in black & white. See individual label specifications for stock colors.

Labels For TOR-REY Scales
Tor-Rey 58 x 40mm scale label PLS-40L, LSQ-40L 58mm x 40mm Blank
Part # LABTOR0001
  LABTOR0002 58mm x 60mm Tor-Rey label PLS-40L, LSQ-40L 58mm x 60mm Blank
Part # LABTOR0002

LABTOR0003 58mm x 60mm Tor-Rey SHI label PLS-40L, LSQ-40L 58mm x 60mm Safe Handling
Part # LABTOR0003
PLS-40L, LSQ-40L 58mm Continuous Strip Material
Part # LABTOR0004

Tor-Rey 56mm x 40mm scale label TLS-40L 56mm x 40mm Blank
Part # LABTOR0005
LABTOR0006 56mm x 60mm Tor-Rey label TLS-40L 56mm x 60mm Blank
Part # LABTOR0006

LABEL INFORMATION: We use materials that meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers suggested requirements. Adhesives used on stock labels are standard cold temperature with application temperature rating of 14 to 120 degrees F. Service temperature rating of -40 to 130 degrees F.


STOCK - The minimum order for stock labels is one case. Our printer maintains stock of most of the STOCK labels on this web site and usually can ship orders in 1-3 working days, occasionally they are out of stock and will take longer. The printing of labels, even stock labels, takes some time so if you don't have at least a 3 week supply of your label, please email us at and ask for an expected ship date.

STANDARD - A STANDARD label is not normally in stock. Minimum quantity is 5 cases. Lead-time to ship for STANDARD labels is generally 7 to 12 working days or longer. Occasionally we do have some STANDARD labels in stock and can ship sooner so if you don't have at least a 3-4 week supply of your label, please email us at and ask for an expected ship date.

CUSTOM - Minimum quantity on custom labels is 5-10 cases. Custom labels allow for changes of the stock format and colors of any label on this web site. Custom labels will require artwork to be created, proof approval, creation of negatives and printing plates and manufacture of labels. Our printer operates in-house art and plate making departments to ensure quality. First time custom label orders generally take 2-3 weeks after approval of artwork while reorders are shipped within 7-10 working days. All CUSTOM label orders are subject to a 10% over/under run. CUSTOM labels will have an artwork and plate charge added to the first order. Backside timing marks where required are provided at no additional charge. We use the Pantone® Matching System to match colors, there is no extra charge for standard custom colors.

How to create a CUSTOM label:

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